The Dead Man at Thorndale Beach

I was ten that summer I met Jack and in one fleeting moment, the line between life and death became blurred I never was the same.

I walked along Thorndale Beach with massive thunderheads hanging low over Lake Michigan. I dragged my Radio Flyer behind me in my Boy Scout uniform. I was collecting trash. I was doing my best to live by the motto to do “a good turn daily.” That was when I first saw him lying face down on the shoreline.

My heart hammered in my chest with excitement. It was a chance to help to do something really big to help and maybe get my story told in the Boy Scout magazine Boys Life. Now I wish that I had just fled the beach and gotten the police.

I raced down to the shore with delusions of grandeur in my head. My young imagination ran with thoughts of interviews in Boys Life, the news, cameras, and a thousand flashbulbs going off hailing me as a hero. Sand flew up into the air with every footfall as I reached him.

If I could have stopped myself, then I would have gladly. As I reached the body lightning lit the sky up over the lake. I dropped to my knees. I did not think as I grabbed the head and slowly turned it to face me. I pulled out my official Boy Scout signal mirror to check for the dead men’s breathe. With shaking, hands I placed the mirror to the space between his nose and lips like my Scout Master had shown us. I held my breath waiting to see if the mirror would fog up.

A flash of lightning followed by a thunderclap and the dead man eyes flew open with a gasping breath. The mirror did not fog up with his gasping breath which was followed by coughing fits. The mirror fell from my numb fingers into the wet sand. All the excitement had felt earlier draining from my body as fear swiftly taking its place. I fell to my butt in the wet sand and started to scoot backward as the dead man rose to his feet.

He was tall at least six feet. He was sopping wet. He wore a dark blue suit which had several black holes which I could see through. He black hair matted down to his head. The bottom half of a black tie was missing. His skin was a white as the dress shirt he wore which stuck to his body. One eye was a hard clear azure blue the other was dead white. It was staring into the white eye that stopped me in my tracks.

He walked the few steps to me. He moved stiffly water dripping off his body with every step he took. He reached down and touched me with his cold, wet hands. My body broke out in gooseflesh. My stomach dropped as a chill filled my very core. He hoisted me back up to my feet. He flashed a smile of perfect white teeth. I tried to smile again, but I think I fail because his smile faltered as he nodded his head. I couldn’t take my eyes off his dead white one.

“Hello young man,” The dead man started, “my name is Jack.”

He stuck out his hand in a “put it there” gesture. I took it and shook it numbly as I told him my name. Remembering what my parents and Scouting had taught me to be polite, to respect my elders, and to be courteous. I stared at his chest not wanting to look at his eyes. Then he cried out.


“What?! What?! I am sorry Mister!”

“What a grip you got there my young man.”

He began to laugh at his joke. The sound was high as if it was to break into uncontrollable sobbing. He lifted a knuckle to his mouth biting down. I felt my eyes grow wide as saucers as the fear froze me to my spot. Jack looked out to the lake as another flash of lightning lit the sky. The laughter stopped, and he quickly turned to face me a look of horror on his face.

“I need more time! Not enough time!”

I shook my head emphatically to afraid to disagree with Jack. Jack patted the top of my head. He licked his lips and smiled down at me. I put on my best smile the one I wear for my great aunt when she pinches my cheeks.

“Are you a real Boy Scout?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Will you help me? Isn’t what you Scouts do? You help people. I was people.”

“On my Honor to do my best and to do a good turn daily, sir.”

I help up my three fingers and my arm at a ninety-degree angle as it was the custom when you went over the motto or pledge in the Scouting organization. That brought out more of that terrifying high pitch laughter from Jack. His attention slowly drifted back to the lake where the lighting now danced angrily over the water.

“Not yet! Not yet! Please not yet!”

I managed to take a couple of steps back not taking my eyes off of him. I was ready to bolt back to Sheridan Road. He spun to face me his face contorted into a rage and with the cat-like quickness he seized my upper arms and held tight.

My body went limp in his arm. His touch was draining my strength and will to leave. The rage slowly slipped away to the toothy smile. It gave him the look of a mean old tom cat that was only toying with the mouse before going in for the kill.

“Don’t do that again Boy Scout,” He growled through gritted teeth, “I was a Scout once not a good one. I wish I had been a good one but you are a good one, and you are going to fucking help me.”

I nodded the words stuck in my throat, and his grip loosened. His face became placid as the lake surface. He removed his hands from my upper arm. I stood there defeated, and all I wanted was my mother. I didn’t care about the Boys Life or anything. I began to pray to Mister Jesus silently. I noticed it than a solid gold wedding ring on the ring finger. He started to fiddle with it to take it off. He struggled with his teeth gritted and a look of complete concentration on his face. It slipped off.

“Ha-ha success!”

He held the ring out to me with his thumb and pointer finger.

“Take it, take it.”

My dead hand reached out and took it from him prayers silently falling out of my mouth. It closed my hand around the ring and brought it to my chest.

“Are you praying?”

“Yes, sir to our friend and savior Mister Jesus.”

“Do you know what happens when you die you, idiot? Do you have any idea?”

“The good get to go to heaven and feast with Christ and his father God and the wicked burn in hell with the Devil.”

Jack raised a hand and slapped me hard on my cheek. The blow knocked me to the sand. He lorded over me his teeth bared. His fists balled up. My cheek was hot beginning to swell. I wanted to cry, but I held back the tears for fear of what this thing may do if my emotional dam broke.

“No! No! No, heaven, no hell, no Jesus, God or the devil! Just the deep dark bottomless abyss of the water and the great old ones who live there!”

Things after his admission began to happen quickly then. The wind started to howl and pick up, the lightning began to flash rapidly, and the tide started to come in soaking Jack’s shoes. I swore as the wave came in and out it sounded like a growling dog. Jack had turned his back on me to look out at the lake.

“That’s a lie! It’s not true!”

I screamed at him over the howling winds. He turned to face mean expression of rage and fear comingled on his face.

“Shut up,” He roared, “Sara Morningheart, you need to remember Sara Morningheart! Look her up in the phone book! The ring, give her my ring! She will give you a key to a safety deposit box! Give the content of the box to the police! Bring my killers to justice!”

The tide rose up over his shoes, but it didn’t recede. It formed into multiple hands and arms that climbed up his legs holding him firm. Jack’s face contorted into pure unadulterated terror. The wind screamed the thunder roared, the water growled, and the lightning lit up the heavens. The water arms pulled Jack back lifting him off the ground landing him face first into the sand. They dragged him back to the water. Jack went shrieking while desperately clawing at the sand for purchase. To stay just that bit longer not to have to face the fate that waited for him on the other side. Jack went under the water still screaming.

Part of me expected him to rise for one last scare like in a horror movie, but he never did. When I was sure he was gone, I began to cry as my bladder let go. Hot urine filled my pants and ran down my legs. The sky ripped open with on large bolt and clapped it began to rain. Many things happened that summer. I found Mrs. Moringheart and brought the stuff to the police. The men were arrested and brought to justice. That summer made all the newspapers it was all mob related. I have the articles in a scrapbook. Every day since then I have sat on this beach and waited to see if Jack would come back.

Push for 100

Narrator: And now this message
Me: Hi everyone so I kind of want to take my YouTube channel to next level and add to it you know some video collaborations, original content, more showcasing, but I need 100 subscribers to do that possibly a Patreon to get equipment and pay actors
These are just some thoughts I am having right now, so what do you think?
Audience reaction: *crickets chirping, lone coyote howl in the distance, tumbleweed going by, one dead Indian and Cowboy*
Me: Say where did those politically incorrect dead bodies come from?
Narrator: It’s now a stereotypical western motif now shut up!
Me: Sorry
#tfteotw #pushfor100


John Cordial

What’s in the closet? 6/29/17

Vanth picked something out of the closet and petted the air in easy strokes; eyes lost in the window, and mind farther away. Caldur watched the psycho pomp from the corner of her eye, wondering where her friend’s thought’s played. She was a little curious about the creature Vanth held. But if a ghost cat lived in her closet, she really didn’t want to know.

Doppelgänger 7/6/17

They shifted again. White dust flew from each body and when the powder cleared they were almost fairies. Six inches taller than Caldur but they had her features. Thin needle sharp teeth shined from their mouths. The wings on their backs were skeletal, no leather-like membrane or even insect type most fairies had. Wings of bone. Similar material made up their white claws; a dull color but long as paring knives.

“Isengrim.” The arrach’s voice that reminded her of a cement mixer.

“Pays.” Another one spoke this time.

“Us.” Yet another.Well.”




Caldur popped her knuckles. “Tell Isengrim it’s not gonna happen. Back off or pick out a casket.”

Themeless Thursday 8/24/17

He settled into the cracked, musty leather. “And I’ll survive this?” The dwarf pushed a button and the old hydraulics squeaked an echo of rusted pain as the chair tilted back. “Mostly. Eyes are the windows to the soul, and sometimes breaking a window can be a learning experience.” “I’ve always been clever,” he said. “But a little more brains never hurt. She gave a mean chuckle and rolled her granite eyes Believe me, If you were all that clever, you wouldn’t be in that chair.”

Abandon City 11/16/17

Whoever built the little camp inside the abandoned Super Store, didn’t last long. Scattered evidence of their attempts at normalcy, a dining area, some toys, even what looked like a homemade solar power rig. Nice Sola poked among the remains, looking for food or ammo—two most important things in her life right now. The power rig might offer a night of TV, maybe even some internet if that router worked. She could find out if Iceland managed to fight off the plague or not. Didn’t matter much, but here among the skeletons and ruins a bit of hope… well, it’s hope, always nice to have it in sight. Much like the sealed can of ravioli glinting beneath a torn shirt. A tiny pink shirt, with the middle ripped apart. Tattered wrists too. No use wondering about old horrors, especially with the promise of food right under her nose. Sola shoved the can in her bag and picked at the crushed blue tent next to the shirt. Nothing besides bones and clothes The long rifle on Sola’s back saved her more times than she remembered. And as a childlike laugh split the still air of the giant store, Sola knew it was about to get another chance. End Tale

Jason Van Horn


Green Children of Woolpit 8/9/17

Perhaps too crude are my words to describe my discovery, but nevertheless, my declaration must be made. I’ve discovered in this picturesque village of Woolpit something so perverse & terrifying no sane person should dare contemplate. Yet, considering myself quite mundane in the normal function of brain activity, I will share my findings. Naturally, from the Swan Inn, I went forth to the village hall. In papers given me, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Notwithstanding the gracious manner in which I was received and told that the story of the green children is not only old but that hundreds have done the same in investigation out of curiosity and found nothing, I stumbled upon something. On one document sat the words ‘Ecclesiastical curriculum’. Normally thought of as ‘church teaching’, in Latin, ‘curriculum’ could be translated as ‘tunnel’. Thus, I walked to the most recognizable structure, the church of Bury Saint Edmunds on Rectory Lane. Entering the church, I found on the back wall, a reference to the famous green children and again, ‘curriculum’. Finally finding the door to the lower edifice, I carefully went down and then fell. The floor gave way and now I as I look up it must be 60 feet deep. I fell into an abandoned shaft. An old pile of hay or straw broke my fall and left me hurt but able to function. The smell is of rot, but here before me is an iron door with a large green jade mounted on it. When I opened the orifice, I found a glimmering portal of green. I hazard a guess; this natural feature is of ancient foundation and leads to Saint Martin’s Land? I write this note, in hopes another will find it, in case I should never return. I am venturing forth.

The Dyatlov Pass 8/16/17

I know what happened to those people. Know this. The Dyatlov Pass is cursed. It is unholy & a monster lives there. It’s not from Infrasound. Not Military. Not Avalanche. It’s a monster. For years, I’ve been its servant – subject to its torture. I was 5 when papa took me hunting there & it overtook me. Darkness came to me in dreams – all along it was the monster living in me. I look 21 to you, but I am ancient. I was born in 1611. The monster has sustained me when I stopped growing. Now, I have come to confess, it lives in me. It made me destroy those people. It forces me back to the Pass because that is its home. I wander there under its power. I know this sounds far-fetched but I speak truth. I can’t remove it from me. Please, end my torture & destroy me! Only then will I know peace. My name is Demetri Petrov & the monster lives in me.

Themeless Thursday 8/23/17

The gasconading cynosure is mesmerizing. The viscous black & green crescent aperture opens & closes in rhythmic gyration as it calls to me. I told Tom not to go through it & as I guessed, his signal is nothing but static, just like everything we send. The bouncing energy pulse in the wormhole is 16.1332 seconds & if I’m right, he arrived on the other side of the galaxy in half that time. The havoc the aliens wrought on us changed our world 8 years ago and this is the last of the so called Connections. Even so, I think Russia still has their own hidden away, like us. Maybe there are more? I know it’s stupid, but I’ve felt the urge to go, like Tom. Now that he’s gone, I have seniority & the team needs a leader who understands this thing. If my measurements are right, air exists on the other side—I never measure incorrectly. That’s why Tom went. But if he doesn’t come back, Cranson is going to force me to pick another, or go myself. His masters want results, they want resources, and they want alien tech. Somedays I feel like a perfidy against my own country—nothing but a high-tech PhD scavenger. What if citizens knew what I do? What if they found out we still had the gate open? The alien device shows a galactic war through it. I hope Tom comes back.

That’s not my reflection staring back at me! 8/30/17

Jenny laughed. “Come on little brother, quit mess’n around. You’re just trying to scare me.”

“I’m serious Jen. Stand right here and look.” Sam pointed to his feet and then moved away as Jenny took his place.

“I only see my reflection,” she said. “I don’t see anything else and I certainly don’t see a creepy black image of myself.

“I know what I saw, Jen. It was me, except it wasn’t. I was burned, with black stuff all over me. You don’t see yourself like that?” She smiled.

“Nope. I just see a pretty 11 year old with a silly 8 year old brother behind me. I think this Fun House is playing tricks on you.”

** 20 years later **

I can’t escape him. Everywhere I turn, he’s there. He seems to delight in the perverse, making faces at me, whenever he can. His burned flesh. Bruises, black and blue. One day, he wrote with his blackened hand that he is me. I know he’s a liar. I don’t know why Jenny can’t see him, or anyone else for that matter. He appears in every reflection, as long as I’m in it too. I have to find a way to destroy him.

The Great Moon Hoax 11/3/17

Within days of the discoveries by Sir John Herschel in 1835, I was summoned. The Gun Club had already been preparing for a launch to the lunar god of night and henceforth, with Bat Men walking on the moon, the time was now. The patriots of the USA always want to be the first in everything and dare say I anything to the contrary. The workers were many but the travelers few—only five of us were shot out of the giant cannon erected by the hundreds. The silver ticket for a ride on the space rocket was due to my craft of language and of the 26 variations I speak, perhaps I was uniquely gifted to reason out the lunar speech in an efficacious manner. When they constructed our vessel at the bottom of the cannon on top of a mountain of gunpowder, it sat 428 feet deep inside the 21 foot diameter barrel. Boom went the earth! The oddest thing of all that I can recall is the lack of sound at the launch. We were hurled into the sky like a speeding train with no track; only a target in the heavens would pull us to victory. Insane am I said my father and for a small measure, I agree. The real reason for my acquiescence of travel is the opportunity to own the discovery of a new language. I want my name beside the greatest explorers like Marco Polo or Captain Cook or Magellan and I will do it in the satisfaction of communication in the language of the Bat Men of the moon. Now hours away, our navigator has said the Gun Club cannon shot was accurate and we only have but to be captured by the atmosphere of the moon to slow us and land in the soft meadows of the Valley of the Unicorn.

Abandoned City 11/16/17

It’s hard to describe. It felt like when you wake up, all groggy and tired and want a glass of water. At least that’s how I remember it. When it happened, my phone read the time as 4:21PM on September 23. I know this because it still reads that. In fact, all the clocks I’ve seen since that moment say that say basic time. I’ve covered the distance between New York City to Washington DC on my motorcycle and every place I’ve been has been abandoned. I’ve had to siphon gas out of other vehicles, since no pumps work. I’ve seen no other being or creature and all the clocks are stuck. The sun hasn’t set since it happened, but I know I’ve slept at least 4 nights because I’m keeping track. When I arrived in DC, I went to the Capital first and no one was there. I drove down Pennsylvania and hopped the fence to get onto the White House lawn. The door was open and I found the house abandoned. I’m a patriot and respect the Office of President, regardless of who is serving, so I was careful there. I thought I might find a working computer or something that was off the grid that could tell me why everyone was gone, but everything was exactly the same as everywhere else—stuck. The “night” went fast and when I awoke in the White House, the clock was still 4:21PM. Maybe my best shot is to head west and see—wait… it looks like a flair just went off outside of my window. It’s pretty far away but it looks like it was launched near the river, next to the Mall. Maybe I’m not alone, abandoned in this time, stuck at 4:21 on September 23. If someone is out there like me, maybe we can somehow unstuck time and get our lives back?

Willie Handler


A Thump in the Night 6/15/17

We heard a dull thump every few minutes. We discovered it was the sound of a catapulted foot soldier hitting the castle wall. I leaned over the parapet. There were two catapult on the far side of the moat and two neat line of soldiers behind each one. The invaders were attempting to land soldiers beyond the castle wall. 3 men pull back the catapult and a 4th climbs on it. Thump. Another soldier hits the wall. Below me I could make out a growing mound of mangled soldiers filling up the moat. Then I realized they were not trying to get soldiers over the wall. The pile of soldiers below would soon form a human bridge.

Evil Hypnotist 6/22/17

I return from my lunch session with Dr Zoltari to my job the House Office Building where I’m an aide to the Speaker of the House. Dr Zoltari has been treating me with hypnosis for my anxiety disorder. The last few weeks I’ve been getting really good results. I swipe my access card at the security desk and walk up to the 4th floor offices. I’m early for the 1:30 briefing meeting. I walk into the Speaker’s office to retrieve a file. He’s just finishing a call and waves for me to sit down. When he puts down the phone he turns to me.

“There’s going to be a vote in the House this afternoon.” As soon as he says vote…

My mind goes blank. There is a letter opener on his desk with the congressional seal. I pick it up walk up to the Speaker and Stab him in the throat twisting the letter opener. He drops to the floor dead. I suddenly come out of my trance and scream…

“I killed the Speaker of the House!”

What’s in the Closet? 6/28/17

Our new home was a dream come true until the first night. Shortly before midnight we heard knocking coming from the spare bedroom soon the entire family was awake standing outside the bedroom. Tim turned to me and said Dad I’m scared. I slowly turned the knob and walked in. The room was empty except for the bed and dresser. The knocking was coming from the closet. Tim looked up and said Dad I’m scared. I thought maybe we should wait until morning but then no one would get any sleep. I grabbed a flashlight and pulled the closet door open. It was empty. I turned the flashlight on and shone it around the closet. I finally noticed in the corner a little old man. He blinked at the light in his eyes. Finally he spoke. “Tell my brother there’s nothing in the closet”

Doppelgänger 7/5/17

I pick up a phone.

“It’s Lisa from CIBC Visa. I want to confirm that a $4200 purchase from the Markham Best Buy is valid.”

“WTF! It’s him. What’s the address of the store.”

“200 Parkdale Dr. Are you telling me this is not you?”

I hang up the phone… and jump in my car. About 6 minutes later I’m in the Best Buy parking watching the door. Less than 1 minute a store employee is helping a customer carrying a 70″ TV to a van. I look closely. That customer is me! I run out my car screaming.

“Stop me before I get away.”

My doppelganger sees me and takes off. He runs out of the parking lot onto the highway. He evades several cars before he runs smack into transport truck. I notice ad on the side of the truck is for twin beds.

Themeless Thursday 8/23/17

Buzzz…who is it? Mr. Tizura it’s Lui’s Laundry.

Come return laundry.

Just a sec….come in Mr. Lui.

How much do I owe you Mr. Lui?…hey wait a minute my tanned Hugo Boss pants are missing.

So sorry, you no send pants.

I know I gave you those pants. I planned to wear them tonight.

No pants

You probably delivered to another customer.

No pants

Ok O, I’m going to have to buy another one for tonight

You owe $36

Wait, you charged me for a pair of pants

No pants. Ok $28

That’s not my reflection looking back at me! 8/30/17

The reflection in the mirror looked just like me but something wasn’t right about it. I stared for the longest time at the… reflection and it stared back at me. But it just didn’t see right. I reached out to touch the glass but there wasn’t any… My hand went right through the mirror and touched the person on the other side. My reflection smiled but I wasn’t smiling. Then my reflection grabbed my arm and pulled me in and everything went dark.

A Trip through the Inferno 9/6/17

When I got to the entrance I was greeted by a familiar figure. “Hello I’m Steve Bannon and I will be your guide. We made many stops on the way down to hell. On the 3rd level I saw people in agony forced to watch terrible films like Ishtar. On level 6 I saw this poor woman attempt to build a house of cards over and over again until she was in tears. I began to shake when Bannon took be to level 8. People were forced to eat stale greasy fast food food. Ewww. I tried to turn back when we reached level 9. Sweat poured out of me. The door swung open and he introduced to my new roommate.

Lexi Lefevre


Evil Hypnotist 6/22/17

The hypnotist possessed the way we thought, much like those in charge. No one listened until the destruction was too great

What’s in the Closet? 6/28/17

As the anchors of sleep weighed me down, I heard three raps before turning around. Scratches followed, and so did my eyes. When I found the source, I hoped my hazy mind was conjuring lies. A guttural growl came from within.

“Where else but my closet?”

I thought, yet again. Gathering all my courage, my feet found the floor. Too soon did my little hands find the door. It had opened upon the lightest touch, so I peeked inside, not thinking much. A child with raven eyes welcomed me then. Before I could scream, she pulled me in. Darkness consumed me. A cold abyss. ‘Twas the land of demons. Please, remember this.

Doppelganger 7/5/17

She sat in the bookstore cafe, sipping a latte while watching others walk past the window. I saw her on a Thursday. Amber eyes & pastel purple hair. Lip rings & fresh faced. My face. From behind a menu, I spied as she greeted a boy. Their lips met with a sweet smile. My stomach churned, dancing to the deadly song that was my erratic heartbeat. They didn’t stay very long, which brought me ease. When they departed, so did I. What followed was not for the weak. You can’t unsee that much blood. You can’t unhear the zip of tearing flesh. You can’t unsmell fear. She had my face.

The Man from Taured 7/12/17

My eyes open to find a spatter of patterns. As they focus, I realize they belong to a seat. Row upon row of the same. A sensation akin to repetitive tickling drops graces my arm, & I look over to see a little boy.

“Excuse me, Miss.”

Masking my confusion with a smile, I get up to let him out.

“Last stop,” a strange voice fills the bus.


The corners of my mouth slacken. I dare a peek out the window. Nothing. Tinted beyond the human vision’s capacity. I’m the girl from Taured. All I ask is for the finder of this note to pass it on. Don’t let me disappear forever.

The Mothman Prophecy 7/26/17

Like red traffic lights, the creature’s eyes signaled for us to stop—but before we could, our car’s engine sputtered pops of death. Unsure of how to proceed, we opted to stay in the car, hoping it would leave us. That proved useless, as it approached with calculated steps toward what I began to think would be our vehicular tomb. That was until the winged visitor came to a halt. At a foot away, it shot up into the sky and stared in the direction we were originally heading. Curiosity took fear’s place, and we watched as it re-met our eyes briefly before flying the other way. Said curiosity was also brief. Something wrung my guts, causing panic to rise. It’s a well-known fact that birds flee an area when they sense a disturbance. One look at my boyfriend told me he thought the same thing. There was no phone signal out there, so we got out of the car and ran, hand in hand. One bar. Two bars. Three. A call was made. A cab arrived. We made it home. A day later, local news revealed an infernal surprise. Animals resembling hell hounds had attacked hundreds—a day prior to many Mothman encounters.

It was an Illustrated Man 8/2/17

The free space was no longer vacant. A girl in a mini dress occupied the small area, choppy brown hair framing her forlorn eyes. A spindly man with no face stood behind, hands resting on her shoulders. I leaned in to get a closer look. A stone skipped across my heart when I saw the background: my backyard. With a deep breath to calm myself, I dared another peek at the girl. Lip rings and combat boots. Me. It was me with Slenderman. Great. Even he thinks I’m still fifteen. I’ve got bad news for him.

The Green Children of WoolPit 8/9/17

An elderly man stumbled upon two children who claimed to be from a land of moon and stars. Their skin was green, but so was everything from their home afar. St. Martins, they called it. “Martin. Why, it means ‘of Mars’,” he thought with a serene smile. It faltered as he pondered whether it was an omen of war, but shook the ill words from his head. As time went, the boy seemed to grow blue.

“I can feel this world’s anger & distress. You’d lose your vibrance if you could, too,” he said, a great sorrow muffling his voice.

However, his sister’s face held indifference, and the man thought he’d glimpsed a smile as she walked away—while the brother’s body became more frail and frayed. Weary eyes followed her every step ’til she was gone from the room. It was then, the boy called forth the ears which would hear the future’s doom.

“Do not allow hate to thrive. It will tear the earth to pieces. Nurture one another with love and—” he whispered, but alas, as he fought to finish the last of his warning, the child disintegrated to dust. The man watched them scatter to the skies. It almost always rains in England.

The Dyatlov Pass 8/16/17

I awoke to searing stabs all over my feet. Upon a brief investigation, I found that my boots somehow escaped while I slept. With sheer panic, I played the mental waiting game of do-I-need-to-amputate while fighting to warm my near-numb toes. After what I thought was the longest moment of my life, the pain subsided & all feeling returned. When my heartbeat slowed to a healthier pace, I moved to leave the tent, but the creeping whispers of my subconscious had snatched the decision away like a seemingly unfortunate snag at a most opportune time. So, I opted to leave a small gap of that thin shield unzipped—just enough to peek from. What I witnessed that day has failed to bid farewell to even the deepest recesses of my memories. A humanoid creature with the wings of a bat and eyes of an abyss stood before our campsite. It killed all my friends. I don’t know why I was spared. However, I do know what greets me at every mirror’s gaze. That same crimson sneer & victorious leer. Hello, sweet insanity. My, oh, my. Which monsters shall we attempt to feed today? Those that plant seeds or all that slay?

That’s not my reflection looking back at me! 8/30/17

Mirrors and I have had a strained relationship since childhood. With tales of opposites from another dimension and those of bloody spirits embedded in my thoughts from the moment I turned 8, reflections just don’t look the same.

It happened at a sleepover. My friends decided to play that stupid game: Bloody Mary. You’re supposed to summon an angry spirit that’d gouge your eyes out. Although it sounded tempting (hint hint: sarcasm), I opted out of such an enthralling activity. They didn’t. Being left alone outside of a dark, locked bathroom that was dimly lit by a lone candle was fine by me.

Minutes passed. I waited. Part of me thought it was a silly scare tactic while another kept open for possibilities I didn’t want to fathom. Still don’t.

After a while, they emerged from my little bedroom lavatory, unscathed and unshaken. We all giggled about how fake the story was, but I think all of us knew something had changed. The air was somehow thicker, and the closer we got to the bathroom, the clearer each fog of breath got—but it was winter, so we chalked it up to a draft.

Later that night, I needed to pee. Badly. An unknown fear had grabbed hold of my gut, telling me it was unwise to go alone. Nonsense, right? It was my house, after all. Keep in mind that I’d just turned 8. The 7 year old in me went ahead and threw that logic where it couldn’t be seen. Thankfully, I managed to convince my best friend to go with me. She was also too afraid to enter that tainted room.

Things moved along as usual. Pee, wipe, wash and dry hands. Done. Not done. I stared at her reflection as I waited for her to finish washing up—but when she turned towards the towels, it stayed.

Paralyzed, I couldn’t look away as it lifted its head to smile at me. My friend must’ve seen how terrified I was because she screamed, and right before slamming the door, the girl in the mirror winked. It felt like she was saying, “it’ll be our little secret.”

A Trip through the Inferno 9/6/17

A gentle flurry kissed my face, wresting me from slumber. When I opened my eyes, the bright sky greeted me. I must have fallen asleep before finishing the tree house.

Having spent hours in a roofless abode, I was surprised to feel as warm as I did. Perhaps it was the comforter wrapped around my body, or the eerie absence of winds. I’d never seen the evergreens so still on a winter morning.

As if Mother Nature heard my thoughts, a gust carried the film of snow from the branch directly above me, landing on my face like a mask.

The realization was almost instant: I hadn’t come home last night.

While scrambling from the tree house with trepidation, my feet got caught on the comforter, resulting in yours truly falling several feet to the ground—or so I thought. Everything in me braced for impact, but only felt heat.

Father must have noticed I was gone, and before I knew it, I found myself upon a cave. The entrance to an inferno that many mortals fear above all else. A place where you can hear the damned crying for a saviour that will never come.

I call it “home”.

The Jersey Devil 9/13/17

I’ve been hired to seek out a dark creature that locals have feared for hundreds of years: a monster said to have a kangaroo-like body with bat wings and a goat’s head—but what worries me are its claws and their tendency to shred the nearest human apart. I quite enjoy being fully intact, thank you very much.

Protected in a bulletproof suit with mini bible-thick books glued to the inside for good measure, I venture into the Pine Barrens.

There is not a chirp of a cricket nor buzz of a cicada to accompany my troubled breaths. I wonder if it’ll shriek before attacking, or if it’ll pursue me at all. It’d be for sport, of course. I don’t believe there’s enough flesh on my bones for even the lightest snack.

It feels like a different world here, as if time doesn’t exist. Nothing is birthed. Nothing dies. Everything exists in suspension. Limbo.

*crack* The abruptness startles me the way cucumbers frighten my cat, Mittens. I promptly turn towards the sound, crossbow at face level. Image-wise he’s everything they claimed him to be, but not a spark of intimidation tickles my skin. Deborah’s given spawn exudes a human air about him.

Well, butternuts. I flew to New Jersey to meet something/someone who seems afraid of me: all of under 6′ tall in a kevlar ball of sass.


Genius. What if he doesn’t speak English? Or at all?

Minutes go by. He stands silent—until his lips part, splitting his face in two. A shriek escapes into the sky, and the clouds rain on the parched earth surrounding us.

“Where’s my mother?” he asks, suddenly enraged by my presence.

She gave her last son to the devil, so I have a fairly good idea.

“Hell,” I say.

Dejected, he inquires how to get there. I suppose the reason I’m here may not be pointless after all, and so I answer by shooting an arrow into his disconsolate-featured head.

Even his death brings no life to this place. No dried dirt to dust the air. No thud to greet the open space. He simply drops without a sound, for a misunderstood being’s end brings no joy or resolution.

Death only brings death.

Themeless Thursday with a Twist 9/20/17

I admired his face from afar. Oh, how he’d bled. With every feature thoroughly marred, I whispered, “I thee wed.”

A soul so bright, I hadn’t the slightest inclination of the darkness that lurked within. We danced and fed with glee and fervour, celebrating every deadly sin.

“My dear, there’s a secret I must confess,” he said to me. So, I leaned in closer, clutching his tie, for his words I did need.

Silence greeted me in the form of a kiss. Such naivety I possessed, as it was the beginning of a deadly, eternal bliss.

In that moment, he stole my heart. Draining me of everything, still, the world became a slew of treacle tart.

There once was a boy I thought I knew, whose love was verily due.

Born in Sin: Pride 10/25/17

The world had been surprisingly hushed since the gates of hell were pried open, but I suspected it wouldn’t be for long.

With seven crystals in my possession, I got on a bus at six AM on the sixth day of the sixth month, wishing I’d also been given an invisibility cloak to hide my unfamiliar face from the prideful city-folk of Orgill, for among them was none other than the supposed “light bringer” himself: Lucifer.

Rumours of his whereabouts insisted he was living as a dapper bachelor with a most common surname like Williams or Johnson. I knew that to be thoroughly untrue. Lucifer, a regular citizen? No. He made himself a cozy home in the mayor—and I had to figure out a way to catch him like a Pokemon.

Orgill was the cleanest city I’d ever visited, and the residents knew one another in the way you would expect from small towns in Horror movies, oozing the nothing-bad-ever-happens-here vibe with a fishy aftertaste to churn your gut like it’s making butter.

Being alone didn’t help.

I rented an apartment for a month, blending in as best I could. No one looked my way unless it was to give a nod of acknowledgement. Things went well—until the seventh day of the seventh month on the seventeenth hour.

“Mayor Sonny Ridge” called for an emergency meeting at city hall.

Everyone was required attendance. To keep up with the masquerade, I briskly walked there with my head held high and an aching smile that I had no doubt would later numb my face. My goodness, I must have looked like a deranged Kewpie doll with brown eyes. Those people were pros.

Fortunately—or unfortunately, depending which perspective you choose—before my feet met the marble floor of the grounds, “Ridge” had said something that melted everyone into a smudge of red faces, blood, and shiny weapons.

So, that’s when I decided to sneak towards the man/angel himself. He stood on stage with an eerily serene smile, and as I got closer, I swore I saw his form shift like a faulty hologram. He went from man to a winged being with horns on his head: a glorified Hellboy.

Thinking it’s now or never, I retrieved his crystal prison from my dress pocket. As soon as he turned to face me, it sucked him in. “Who you gonna call? A terrified twenty year old girl who has no idea what to do now,” I whispered to myself. Shaking but relieved, I took a deep breath and turned to inspect the damage.

That’s when things slid into a hapless moment. Those who were still alive were staring at me with the most vicious sneers. If I could re-gift them, I’d reserve every single one for the nastiest people on earth.

“Oh, fu—”


AJ Upton

A Thump in the Night 6/15/17

With a simple hand-lamp, he turned towards the noise.*clank* There it was again. The dim light visibly shook as he took a step. It barely shone to the far end of the room, but he knew just beyond lay a darkness, far beyond shadow. It was stalking. *clank*

“Who’s there dammit!”

There was no response, nor was there a further echoing clatter- just the sound of his pounding heart.

Evil Hypnotist 6/22/17

Bruce found himself at the red-painted curb of Elm Street, yet he didn’t know why. In fact, he didn’t remember walking there. The sweltering heat furthered his swimming head, and he looked around for some sense of understanding. It was busy- likely noon. Without thinking, he wiped his right hand down the pocket of his linen suit jacket. The lump there felt heavy, even foreboding. Reaching in, sweat beginning to bead; he felt the cool metal of a gun. Nothing seemed real anymore- nothing but a need to kill.

What’s in the Closet? 6/28/17

The seconds seemed years as he leaned into the open closet. It was cautious, hands firm on the sill, yet he felt vulnerable. The noise had stopped, but had it continued, there’d be no sign of its origin in such darkness. It was a black he’d never seen. “What is it?” A nervous voice fluttered, but he didn’t respond. He couldn’t, for now he saw a dim reflection of himself. Drawing closer, he could see it laughing. Dead eyes. The image drew him in through terror, and he could feel himself dissipate.

Doppelganger 7/517

Pulling tight the ropes, he backed up to view ‘himself’ bound to the chair. Even with a bloody mouth, his other self-laughed.

“What’s so funny asshole?” He punched the doppelganger again.

“I finally have you, and now I’m gunna end you.”

He only spit.

“You don’t even know, do you?” The beast licked his lips.

“It would be funny if it wasn’t so damn frustrating.”

“What’s that?”

His other self-leaned his head back with a groan- blood dripping to his chin.

“You’re the doppelganger idiot. Always have been.”

It was an Illustrated Man 8/2/17

The dancing flames played a ripple of colors on the empty spot of skin. I didn’t even move, yet my vision seemed to close in. Like in a tunnel, my mind passed through- heated- bombarded my images of places I’ve never been. Places I wouldn’t go. Like a slow blade, some invisible force pulled me apart, invaded me, and my soul became open to a moment in a time still distant. I could make out an end, maybe my end, but the body before me seemed strange. A dead man sprawled out in an alley- a fate.

“Could it be me… there… lying in a lonely filth?”

Only the wind replied, and I knew not what it said. I only knew the loss. It was the city that would kill me. I knew that now. My only recourse was to not return. To stay outside the norms I’d created.

Megan Hinde

Bump in the Night 6/15/17

I stood facing the dark corner of the room. I could make out a figure within the shadows “Who’s there?” I asked. I felt a shiver run up my spine. *thump, thump*

The shadowy figure moved towards me. *thump, thump*

The figure moved towards the light. My breath caught in my throat. *thump* it moved closer. “Dad, is that you?” I couldn’t move

What’s in the Closet? 6/28/17

She shivered under the covers that were pulled up tight to her chin. Her eyes transfixed on the cross shaped nightlight… that illuminated her bedroom. The closet door was slightly ajar she watched in silence as a shadowy figure pushed the door open. It slithered across her floor and tore the nightlight from the wall. Her breath quickened she tried to scream. It slipped under her sheets and grabbed her by the ankles. Snatching her from her bed and vanishing into the closet with her.

Doppelganger 7/5/17

Laura unlocked and entered her apartment. She switched on a lamp,

“What are you doing here?” a voice asks.

Laura turned to face a woman that looked hauntingly similar to herself.

“I live here,” she stated.

“Not anymore,” the women said

The women got up and approached Laura.

“Sweetie, you are no longer you, I am now you,”

Laura was taken aback,

“What does that mean?”

“It means my associate here is going to kill you,” The Woman pointed towards a tall figure standing in the corner. Laura turned grabbed the door knob, flung open the door and ran out of the apartment building.

“Well go get her,” The Woman demanded.

The tall man headed out after her.

“That didn’t go well,” The Woman said as she sat.

The Man from Taured 7/12/17

Sitting in my room, trying to wrap my head around all that has happened. Maybe a drink and a shower will help clear my mind. I wander over to the bar and pour myself a tall glass of Scotch with a splash of soda. I drink and gaze out the window. I finish off my drink and shed my clothes. I turn on the shower and let the warm water wash over me. I lather up with the flower scented soap provided by the hotel and rinse off. I turn of the water and step out of the shower, I grab the oversized bath towel, wrap it around myself. I open the bathroom door and I am no longer in the hotel. I look around, I am home

The Mothman Prophecy 7/26/17

Sandra and Tim get out of the car. They start to look around, when suddenly a cold wind rushes over them. A tall, slender, dark figure grabs Sandra by the throat and holds her against the car. Its long boney fingers and claw like nails dig into her neck. Tim watches in horror as it speaks into Sandra’s ear. Sandra is shaking will fear as it tells her of what is to come.

“Very soon there will be death and destruction,” it whispers in her ear. Sandra listens to the hideous figure as it tells her

“There will be a large gathering of people, it will erupt from deep down, taking everyone there with it,” Sandra’s eyes start to water. It tells her of a place she has never been, and a date that is yet to come. It releases Sandra and vanishes. Sandra turns to face Tim tears streaming down her face.

“We have to go, we have to warn them,” Sandra gets back into the car.

Tim joins her in the car. “Warn who? And where are we going?”

Themeless Thursday 8/23/17

So I am not going to lie, I enjoy reading erotica, seriously who doesn’t. I especially enjoy the short experience stories. I came across this one particular story. It was titled “The Yellow School Chair” it peaked my curiosity, so I clicked on it. The Yellow School Chair

From the moment I laid eyes on her, I wanted her. She was hot, short, curvy but cute. I showed her the archive room; no one ever goes in there. It was a room full of bookshelves, boxes and clutter. I pulled out a yellow plastic school chair and placed it in the middle of the room. I asked her to have a seat. I walked around her, standing behind her; I ran my hands down her neck rolling my thumb over the scar at the base of her neck. I stopped reading; I reached up and ran my fingers across the back of my neck. There is no way that this is… one of my personal experiences that someone else is writing about. It is a small world and all, but what are the chances…

Themeless with a Twist 9/20/17

Vivian opened her eyes, realizing that she was on the ground; she pushed herself up into a sitting position.

“What the hell,”

She was sitting on damp leaves, surrounded by trees. The wind gusted sending a shiver through her. Vivian ran her hands along her bare arms and wondered where her sweater had gotten to.

She stood up and the world spun. Forcing her to take a few steps quickly, she regained her balance, and began to look around. Something caught her eye, in the distance, as she stumbled towards it she recognized the objects on the ground. Vivian picked up her phone and her sweater. She pulled her arms through her sweater and buttoned it up.

“Of course no service,”

She found what seemed to be a path and headed out of the wooded area. She emerged from the woods onto a dirt road.

“Thank God,”

She walked along the road as she kept checking her phone for a sign of life. Twilight had begun and the sun was slipping beneath the horizon. All of a sudden her phone chimed. 15 missed calls from Francine.

“What the fuck,”

She scrolled through the contact list and pushed call.

“Where the hell are you?” Francine answered.

“I’m not quite sure, I think I am somewhere off of route 18,”

“I’ll come find you,”

“What happened?” Vivian asked.

“I am not sure, we’ll discuss it when I get you,” Francine said.

Francine pulled up alongside Vivian; she opened the door and got in. Francine leaned across and gave her a hug.

“Are you ok?” Francine asked.

“I think so, but how did I end up out here?”

“You don’t remember?”

“Last thing I remember, we were going to the carnival,” Vivian answered.

Francine started to drive home towards Overland.

“We were at the carnival, we went to watch an act on the main stage, ring any bells?” Francine explained.

“Vaguely, it was a magician?”

“A hypnotist,”

“So what happened?”

“You went on stage, he whispered something in your ear and then you just…lost it. You picked up an arrow that had been left on stage from the last act, and you… you stabbed him in the neck with it,” Francine took a deep breath and looked at Vivian.

Vivian stared out the window.

“Then what happened?”

“You ran off stage, and disappeared,” Francine said.

“How long ago?”

“Three days,”

One last Phone Call 11/30/17

The sun had just dipped beneath the horizon, as I gazed out at the ocean. We were on a family vacation, of sorts, dad had passed and mom felt it necessary to go see the ocean. Standing with my toes in the cool sand, watching the waves roll by, my phone buzzed. I looked down at the caller ID, ‘Dad’ I took a deep breath and answered.


“Hey, sweetie,”

“Dad?” my eyes filled with tears at the sound of his voice.

“Yes, Meg it’s me, just wanted to tell you that I love you and that it will all be ok,”

With tears streaming down my cheeks I answer.

“I love you to,”

The phone goes silent, the sun has set. I close my eyes and listen to the waves slapping against the shore.


Guy S Ricketts

What’s in the Closet? 6/15/17

Laughter, the kind heard in sitcoms, draws me to those closet doors. I turn on my flashlight & slowly open it to investigate. Someone stands inside the darkness, & as I shine my light, it is Greg Brady! Greg Brady? He invites me in, & the door closes behind us. I see Lucy Ricardo (?) has closed us inside! She & Greg warmly laugh at my obvious jitters, assuring me I am w/friends. Greg walks further& Lucy takes my hand as we follow. We hear chewing, & see Edith Bunker sitting among bones on the floor. Blood runs from her mouth. Then Greg & Lucy each grab me by an arm, their eyes red & wild! Their teeth chew my arms as canned laughter echoes louder & louder

Doppelgänger 7/5/17

My life is in ruins. I lost my job, my girl, my entire family. No one speaks to me, but to tell me they’re certain it is me who caused all the grief. Their certainty breeds uncertainty in me,& I’m on a chase after this other me. I travel all over running into angry people who already met my doppelgänger. They make me pay the band for his evil dances. I must find him fast. I find him in Toledo. He has a beautiful wife. A great job. A future. I’ve always been a screw-up. This me is a better me than I ever was. I take out a gun to end him. But I blow my own brains out. Hell, I couldn’t kill him and take his life over. I only would a messed it all up anyway

The Man from Taured 7/12/17

The man awakens in the middle of the night to someone climbing into bed with him. He immediately realizes this is his wife, and he was somehow back in his own bed, in his own home. Inquiring when he had returned home and relating his odd experience in Japan his wife is more amused than concerned. She assures him it was merely a double-pepperoni-pizza-induced dream, and he needs to get his sleep for the big experiment tomorrow.

“What big experiment?” he asks.

“Our president and the U.S. President Adlai Stevenson will be attending your demonstration of that dimensional portal you and your team discovered. How could you forget that?”

The Mothman Prophecy 7/26/17

Ross & Videl search an abandoned farm at night. Ross seeks proof of a mysterious Mothman, while Videl only seeks amusement. A recent sighting in 1973 brings the two men here. Ross is on a mission, while Videl appears skeptical. His doubts anger Ross & the quiet farmhouse irritates him more.

“His eyes are fiery red, his wings are white. Keep your eyes open.” Videl merely smiles.

A noise draws their attention, Ross dashes in its direction. He enters a room & his light falls on a fresh corpse. Ross gasps, then hears laughter. It is Videl. Ross swings around in anger, then feels the air flee his lungs; Videl’s eyes pierce his soul with their fiery red light.

The Dyatlov Pass 8/16/17

Russian authorities have taken me a couple kilometers from the carnage, to an unassuming building in the wild. They question me for hours.

“We didn’t realize there were ten of you,” one says. I remain silent. They grow more and more frustrated with my silence, and I just note elapsed time on my watch. Finally, one of them removes my watch in frustration. “There!” he screams in my face.

“Do you have anything to say for yourself now?”

I have two words: “Yelko! Now!”

The door bursts open, and my Yeti pet tears into my captors, but the much like she did at that Dyatlov Pass.

Born in Sin: Pride 10/25/17

The chase after Pride is on. My crystal has led me to an abandoned castle in Scotland, where Pride has engaged me in combat. The brief training I received w/the crystal has allowed me to fight off attacks, but Pride has gone into hiding. I have to be ready for anything. A beautiful woman steps from the shadows. She has dark hair, dark eyes & olive complexion. Kind of resembles my old college flame. Ah, yes. I was warned Pride might take on a pleasing form to disarm me and avoid capture. This one might have worked 30 years ago. Not today. I squeeze the crystal in my hand & point it at her. But she has changed her appearance. Now she is tall, blonde, w/mischievous blue eyes. Pride has taken the form of a more recent flame & she moves in for a kiss. Unable to resist, we are lip-locked, and Pride grabs the crystal from my hand. In my weakened state, I make a half-hearted grasp to retrieve the crystal, which fails. Unable to resist gloating, Pride snaps it open, but notices her reflection. Mesmerized by her own beauty and oh so certain of her victory, Pride is caught off-guard and finds herself pulled into the crystal and it snaps closed, capturing her essence inside. I pick up the smoking crystal and put it into my mystical satchel, wondering how I will manage to capture the others

One Last Phone Call 11/30/17

I return homes from my brother’s funeral and just sit in the dark and silence, pondering the recent loss of Gordon. My cellphone breaks the silence. “Hello?” There is static at first, then a faint voice returns my greeting:

“Hello, little brother.”

“Bob? Lloyd?”

I am uncertain which of my remaining brothers this could be, the voice too masculine to be sister Bonny or Jean.

“Just wanted to talk with you and let you know everything is alright,” the voice continued.

Uncertain which brother I was speaking with, we became involved in a long, meaningful reminiscence of our pasts. We talked about brother James, who left us all too soon, and Dad, too. We discussed Mom mostly, who passed away over a decade ago; her laugh, her spirit, her gentle, guiding soul. Even her rooster imitation which always made us laugh, including now.

Then, he said he had to go.

“Wait. I’m sorry, this connection isn’t very clear … but which big brother are you?”

I heard a soft laugh. “I gotta go now. Ma’s calling me over to her porch for a chat.”

“Mom is – ?” was all I could muster.

“It’s beautiful here,” the voice continued. “No more pain, my brother. No more Vietnam. Only joy. I’ve never been happier.” I still couldn’t find my voice. “Oh, Mom and brother Jimmy say hello & send their love.”

“Gordon?” my astonishment finally allowing me to speak.

I love you, little brother,” he continued. “Happy thoughts. Bye for now.”

Suddenly, I sit up in my chair. It is still dark and silent as I look about. “Must’ve been all a weird dream,” I tell myself. Yet my cellphone is in my hand, and it tells me I apparently just received a call from ‘unknown caller’. Could it be? I ask myself. Just then, I hear an inexplicable rooster cry from off in the distance, a rather odd sound to hear on a city block. But I understand. A solitary tear runs down my cheek, to meet my melancholy smile.

Chris Smedbakken


What’s in the Closet? 6/28/17

Once upon a midnight dreary

I was lying, tired and weary

cause that cursed closet door’s creak

And I dared first not inquire

of what terror, deep and dire

Might be hiding in the darkness

past that creaking closet door.

woke me up some time before.

In the end, though, in my terror

did I realize the error

of me fearing some old furniture

just standing on my floor.

So I held my breath and opened

it but lost each trace of hope when

I beheld the horror hidden in that space of childish lore.

I saw to my great fear a

mad frothing cloth chimera

of all my lost socks missing from before

I said “fuck” and closed the door.

Doppelganger 7/5/17

A dark and stormy night I walked along a lonesome shore

When far off in the mist there stalked

a shape I’d seen before

Its steps were heavy, head was low its fingers beckoned me.

Uneasiness began to grow; this wasn’t meant to be.

I turned to flee but in my wake

the wanderer took chase.

“Please let me be, for heaven’s sake”

and then I saw its face.

The horror that consumed me then

was colder than the mist.

It froze me so I hardly felt when

fingers grabbed my wrist.

For finally did I now see

what part of me had known;

The hungry eyes that stared at me

were very much my own.

The Man for Taured 7/12/17

In the year of fifty four

came a plane down from the sky

with a pilot from Taured

And he tidings bore

of a land they didn’t know

though their maps claimed this was a fraud

And when night followed day

they all settled to say:

“Let us lock him up inside”

For they didn’t understand

that this riddle shrouded land

was the place they’d all go when they died.

And this pilot through his strife

had escaped back to life

Done what few had done before

But when locks forced him to stop

fate did finally catch up

and dragged him back through the veil to Taured.

The Mothman Prophecy 7/26/17

Its eyes more red than any sun

I ever saw before

Its words so chilling, voice so cold

It froze me to the core

The darkness had it shrouded but

Still clearly did I see

That from its back protruded wings

A nightmare fantasy

“I know the future”, thus it spoke

“As clear as then and now”

The raspy voice ground forth the words

“A glimpse I shall allow”

I listened then and listened well

Cause what he had to tell

Could all too clearly be the thing

That’d save us all from hell.

“Horrendous things have passed before

But nothing can compare

To what will soon befall you if

You do not all beware”

“A toxic cloud shall block the sun,

The rivers shall run black

When birds fall dead out of the sky

There is no turning back.”

“All men shall die, all women too,

all children just the same.

And in a century from now

no tongues shall speak your name.”

I stood there staring, couldn’t speak

Could barely breathe at all

The burning gaze of those two eyes

made me a helpless thrall

And when it spoke again I knew

It’d picked me for a cause

“This is a warning for your kind

In spite of all your flaws”

“To save yourselves a future you

will have to change your ways

And cease destruction of this world

Before you end its days.”

“When you do this, and only then

you’ve fled the darkest fate.

But time is short, so do make haste

For soon it is too late.”

Those words it spoke, then turned away

and left me in the gloom,

despairing that we’d never care

enough to thwart this doom.

Born in Sin: Pride 10/25/17

I found the village sleeping

or that was what I thought

But when I dared edge closer

the sight had me distraught

For all across the hamlet

the people were awake

Indulging in vain antics and

conceit of every make

Some locked in front of mirrors

some by indignant frays

And others yet were lost inside

a supercilious craze

And all this madness hailed from

the village center square

The music drew me closer;

I knew I must go there

I clenched the crystal tightly

and sent a prayer up high

Aware it was an angel,

though fallen, I’d defy

And then I entered boldly

into the market place

Heart racing quicker than my mind,

a stern look on my face

The villagers had seen me,

and armed they closer drew.

But then a cold voice stopped them:

“Ah, I did wait for you”.

And suddenly before me

the angel in his might

Surrounded by an aura

of blinding, humbling light

I stood there as if frozen

Too shocked to fight or flee

For there before me towered a

perfected form of me

Again now spoke the angel

“I’ll grant you what you see

and all the fame you covet if you

pledge yourself to me”.

And shamefully it tempted,

it almost made me slip

But then I felt the crystal burn

like fire in my grip.

I raised my hand and watched as

bright rays of light burst out

to engulf the hubric angel

before he could but shout

And dawn broke on the village,

the townsfolk shocked and dazed

Like all had been a nightmare

now gone without a trace

I left in the confusion

and thusly it begins:

I walked off in the sunrise on

the hunt for six more sins.

Born in Sin: Greed 10/26/17

Next dawn I reached a city

its walls were made of gold

Its people heaped with riches

and endless wealth of old

And towering above it

in contest with the skies

There was a ruinous castle

its windows full of eyes

My courage almost left me

when I my gaze let glide

Up to its very summit

and saw what hid inside

For from the rooftop terrace

a pair of eyes met mine

And those two eyes were yellow;

I knew this was a sign

And when it left the shadows

I could make no mistake

For from its wolf like body grew

a tail as from a snake

And as I stood there frozen

the fiend let out a roar

And avaricious thralls swarmed

out every gate and door

“Can you see that crystal?”

the demon frothed on.

“This thief has stolen it from you,

retrieve it or it’s gone”.

The people fell upon me,

drew blood and cursed my name

I fled towards the castle,

my lungs and veins aflame

I darted up the staircase,

and still the mob gave chase

Within my hand the crystal

was already ablaze

I fell onto the rooftop

and quickly shut the door

And suddenly stood face to face

with the fiend I’d seen before

“You’re Mammon” I said, trembling

and saw the monster nod

Its vicious smile grew wider

“You stand before a god”

“You people will obey me

because it’s in your blood

To strive for gold and glory,

so bow now in the mud”

“My favour lends you riches,

your pledge will give you wealth

And if you feed on others

I’ll also grant you health.”

“But if you still defy me

you know how this shall end.

Your death will be more painful

than you can comprehend.”

I hesitated briefly

then went down on my knee

“Please spare my life, and in return

accept this gift from me”

I offered forth the crystal

now glowing like a blaze.

The demon reached out hungrily,

a mad look on his face.

But in the very instant

he closed his claws around

the gem its light exploded

and magic had him bound.

Unsteadily I stood up,

and heard the people call

And realized my triumph

had not cured them at all

They screamed at me in anger

and gave the door a thud

And I knew Mammon had not lied;

The greed is in our blood

So I fled from the castle,

not once did I look back

Luxuria was out there,

and I was on its track.

Born in Sin: Lust 10/27/17

Night found me in a city

so normal from without

With market, church and houses

but then I heard a shout

I hurried to the rescue but

imagine my surprise

when insight struck me there was

deep pleasure in those cries

See, underneath the streetlights

in homes and every court

There took place fornication

and orgies of each sort

I found myself so dumbstruck

that I could only stare

Entirely did I forget

to watch and to beware

And punishment came quickly

as from I know not where

I felt hands wrap around me

and tangle in my hair

Before my scream escaped me

there stepped before my gaze

A being oh so perfect

my mind was wrapped in haze

Its body was perfection

no thread obscured its skin

And as it touched my face I burned

with fires from within.

My quest now all forgotten

I let the crystal fall

It hit the ground and just like that

I was a helpless thrall.

I don’t know what’s the number

of hours, nights and days

I let drift by in mist before

I woke up from this daze

But wake I did in horror

of what I had let pass

In panic and unclothed I scrambled,

searching in the grass

Relief was otherworldly

when suddenly I found

The prison crystal lying there

untouched upon the ground

But barely did I grab it

when somewhere close behind

Seductive words addressed me:

“Oh look, what did you find?”

I turned and faced the demon

for with the crystal back

I saw as clear as day my foe

as masks began to crack

Where once I saw perfection

a monster now prevailed

Three heads and wings and bird’s feet,

completed by a tail.

And yet the helpless townsfolk

persisted in their vice

Like they still could not see the fiend

before their very eyes.

I had found Asmodeus,

the avatar of Lust

That he had touched me filled me with

both anger and disgust

I hid the gem behind me when

the demon drew in close

“Let you and I lay down here”

and I did not oppose.

But as the lustful angel

embraced me for a kiss

I struck him with the crystal

and he let out a hiss

A flash of light, then nothing

the angel was no more

And I stood naked and alone

and shaken to the core.

The city also silenced

as all its folk came to

And realized that they were

as used and naked too

As people fled to safety

and hid behind locked doors

I searched and found my clothes and

then walked into the moors

With three sins bound and captured

just four of them remained

Not til it all was over would I

grieve the scars I’d gained.

Born in Sin: Envy 10/28/17

The sea was crashing madly

towards the empty shore

And lightning lit the heavens

along with thunder’s roar

The port town seemed abandoned as

I entered in the rain

But looks can be deceiving when

you deal with the profane

Thus I resumed with caution

and soon I reached the sea

And well there I discovered what

fate had in store for me

For there amongst the surges a

monstrosity emerged

A serpent from the depths of Hell

repulsive and unpurged

And as I watched it slither

there rose up from the waves

the people of the village

turned into green eyed slaves

Undead they came towards me

a hunger in their eyes

And moaning accusations

filled with the demon’s lies

They hungered for my life force

they hungered for my quest

Denying me in envy

those things and all the rest

Aversely I conceded

that these people were lost

I could not bring them back from

the line that they had crossed

So I brandished my weapon,

the magic staff of myth

That angels once did grant me

to banish darkness with

The glowing staff before me

I fought my way ahead

Attempting to convince myself

they were already dead

When finally I stood there

right at the water’s brim

The demon pierced me with his gaze

I stared right back at him

“So this is what it comes to”,

the snake hissed with a grin

“You’ve come to meet Invida,

the fourth and mightiest sin?”

I nodded then in silence

and suddenly I knew

That all the power he possessed

was actually my due

For after all my triumphs

why should not also I

Be blessed with all the powers

befalling those up high?

A sudden rage did fill me –

I was worth more than so

And thus I raised my staff again

and fell upon my foe

And I struck out in anger

to take back what was mine

But some why the staff failed me and

the snake did me entwine

I fought with all my strength but

the demon only laughed

“Your puny tools can’t harm me when

you’ve fallen for my craft”

With that he bared his fangs and

my will began to shake

For suddenly I realized

my fatal, grave mistake

I’d fallen for his envy

and let it cloud my mind

And now the snake would kill me

how had I been so blind?

But as fangs closed around me

I struck a final blow

And my relief was endless when

the staff began to glow

The snake screamed out in terror as

I pierced right through its eye

It slithered back in panic but

it still refused to die

The snake called Leviathan

tried both to beg and bribe

But I had learned the hard way not to

listen to his tribe

The crystal’s light burst forth then,

outshone the thundering sky

And when the flash subsided

alone stood only I

Despite another triumph

a sadness filled my soul

For so many had died here

for me to reach my goal

In silence I retreated,

without turning around

Not looking at the bodies

still lying on the ground

A fourth sin was defeated

but at a heavy cost

And as I journeyed on I knew

that innocence was lost.

Born in Sin: Gluttony 10/29/17

Flies swarmed above the rooftops

each cranny and each nook

Their buzzing close to deafening

I couldn’t bear to look

And worse yet was the odor

that rose up from the town

I felt my stomach turning and

could barely keep it down

Still this was almost nothing

to what I soon would see;

The state inside the city

became too much for me

Each surface cloaked in mucus

both putrid and decayed

And people rolled around here

and ate and drank and played

I almost turned around then,

unable to withstand

The scene that played before me

too gross to understand

Then everything suspended

when somewhere further down

the street was heard a calling

to all the folks in town

And just like that the orgy

was cut without ado

And all the soddy people

walked off as if on cue

I followed at a distance

to where they all were bound

And when I saw what called them

I threw up on the ground

For what had called these people

with such a throaty roar:

A bulbous, monstrous creature

phlegm oozing from each pore

And all these fallen people

were gathering for a feast

To feed upon the liquids

that leaked out from the beast

Now nauseous and trembling

I fought a fainting spell

Aware the swollen demon

would take me if I fell

And that’s when I was spotted

and all the eating ceased

As drooling people closed in

as for another feast

The seconds felt like lifetimes

as I ransacked my brain

In search for the solution

to save me from this bane

And when the answer struck me

I shrank back in disgust

But lacking other options

I still did what I must

I grabbed the closest person

and bit into this boy

While putting up the act this was

A culinary joy

And this confused the people

and soon they looked around

And realized their kinsmen were

a feast of flesh abound

A massacre ensued then,

a gluttonous battue

And there amidst the carnage

I stealthily withdrew

The demon lay there waiting

as I drew close to it

He searched for words to sway me

but glut had cloyed his wit

“It’s you who’ve killed these people”

I said and pointed back

“Your gluttonous infection

has led them down this track”

And Beelzebub struck out then

but glut had made him slow

I parried with the crystal

and trapped him with its glow

The flash lit up the city,

reflected in its gore

And when the light subsided

the demon was no more

But all the fated people

lay sprawling in the dirt

Some dead and other dying

and none of them unhurt

I desperately wanted

to aid them in their plight

But duty called me elsewhere and

I slipped into the night

Five demons in the crystal

another two still free

Would I succeed ‘fore madness

could claim the rest of me?

Born in Sin: Sloth 10/30/17

While dragging myself onward

my nerves just barely checked

I reached by noon a city

not sure what to expect

I entered, it was quiet

and nothing moved or stirred

The silence was imposing and

I dared not say a word

But then I came upon them

the people of this town

They lay around despondent,

all grey and beaten down

They lacked even the strength to

take care to eat or drink

The whole town was so hopeless

I knew not what to think

Then suddenly I saw him

enthroned upon a chair

The semblance of an old man

with shaggy, whitened hair

But he was yelling curses in

a foul, unworldly voice

And told the heartsick people they

were worthless with no choice

I realized that this was

indeed the one I sought

That this old man was Belphegor,

demonic prince of Sloth

That he indeed was feeding

on this encumbered crowd

By telling them all’s pointless

until he had them cowed

An anger grew inside then

caused by what I did see

And I just drew my staff when

he turned his eyes on me

And suddenly his words were

resounding in my head

Reminding me of horrors of

abuse and of the dead

The memories played before me

off all I had been through

And insight struck me failure follows

all I say and do

I found myself in shock then

tears streaming down my face

I’d hurt so many people

while focused on my chase

I sat down on the pavement

just staring straight ahead

Eyes empty, spirit dying

limbs heavier than lead

And Belphegor came closer

chair gliding on its wheels

He taunted me and laughed that

I’d failed all my ideals

I knew that he was right then

and that I wouldn’t fight

the demon when he killed me as

it would just serve me right

But suddenly a burning

began to sear my skin

The crystal in my pocket

was waking me from sin

And I blinked my eyes open

at last able to see

That Belphegor had used my plight

to take control of me

I stared into his eyes then

all suddenly awake

And saw his hands were halfway

stretched out my neck to break

With newfound strength and anger

the crystal forth I thrust

And Belphegor gave up a roar

in terror and disgust

When everything was over

I sat there on the ground

While people rose around me

awed at the strength they’d found

I sat there still at twilight

A watching as the town

Was inch by inch recovering from

the time it had been down

And somewhere deep inside me

a thought was taking form

That though I’d failed some others lived

and this fact made me warm

I rose just as the townsfolk

approached to me intive

Cause though I’d love to stay I had

more lives to save tonight

I heard them call behind me

but strayed not from my path

I would soon face the seventh sin and

he would face my wrath.

Born in Sin: Wrath 10/31/17

All spent in soul and body

bereft my last sane thought

I struggled with my demons

and hoped it weren’t for naught

I’d left my life behind me

I’d offered up my will

I’d lowered me to doing

things I regretted still

To kill in name of virtue

to let my skin be touched

To lie, betray and sacrifice

the things I valued much

And heavens know I felt it

the weariness inside

That poisoned with indifference

to if I lived or died

And as I reached the summit of

a tall and rocky hill

I saw the burgh below me and

grew more despondent still

The city was afire

the flames defiled the clouds

And dancing ‘midst the fires I saw

fiends in endless crowds

I almost did give in then,

succumbing to the sight

I knew I was too puny

to ever win this fight

But something kept me going

and please God me remit

For it was pride and anger and

not virtue, not one bit

And then the heavens opened

and spilled its frenzied tears

As I descended slowly to

make battle with my fears

My left hand held the crystal,

my right hand held the blade

Endowed me by the heavens,

my holy quest to aid

The gates swung up before me

the dancing crowd fell back

to make a pathway forward

then re-closed in my track

Then coming forth to greet me

a lesser hellish lord:

The demon they call Amon

already drawing sword

I knew the magic crystal

had room for just one more

And hadn’t foreseen Amon to

stand guard at Satan’s door

I realized that moment

that I would have to dare

A duel with this monster to

the gem for Satan spare

And as the rainfall poured down

Inferno all around

Our blades did crash together with

an all but deafening sound

The battle raged for ages

at least that’s how it felt

Then suddenly a sharp pain as

he cut me and I knelt

The thought that all should end there

was too much to abide

“God help me”, I said quietly as

he swung swift and wide

And then I drew the crystal

and quickly met his blow

The air exploded, all sound died

and all things turned aglow

I came back to my senses

and terror gripped my soul

For though alive I had just lost

all hope to reach my goal

Though Amon was defeated

and could be seen no more

I was now further from my mark

than I had been before

I rose up, gripped by terror

of what I had just done

The crystal was now useless;

the fight could not be won

And then the fires parted

made way as if in awe

For him who now approached me

I winced at what I saw

For I stood before Satan

the ruler of all vice

The lord upon the wrathful

now stripped of all disguise

His monstrous frame enormous

His head with antlers crowned

My head said “bow” and ‘fore I knew

I knelt down on the ground

“We finally meet”, his voice boomed

I couldn’t even look

I tried to rise or speak or act

but still I only shook

“You’ve beaten all my sergeants,

and prov’n your mettle well.

And finally you’re here to let me

drag you down to Hell.”

I saw it flash before me

not just my life ‘til then

But also scenes he showed me

of torture without end

The devil then approached me

his giant blade was drawn

And I knew I would never live

to see another dawn

But as I saw the shadow of

his blade above my head

A choir rose around me with

the voices of the dead

And at the corners of my eyes

I saw them all take form

The ghosts of those I’d tried to save

their song now like a storm

I felt a surge of strength then

come rushing like a tide

I grabbed the sword of Michael and

met Satan in his stride

The blade crash was like thunder

we circled and attacked

We fought with equal fervor

like angels had my back

The rain turned into embers

the fires turned to ice

This was an ageless battle

of virtue and of vice

But I was growing weaker

still bleeding from before

And realized that I could

not muster that much more

Each blow I parried made me

more weak and tired still

I made mistakes and panicked

and backed against my will

My foe laughed as he fought me

“I knew that you were weak.

Your fate is settled, it you have a

last prayer you should speak”.

But then a voice did echo:

“Don’t fear, for you are blessed”

And I knew it was Michael,

who sent me on this quest.

“This mortal shell you carry

you’re ready now to break

For you were once an angel too,

remember now and wake”.

And memories came flooding

of lives I’d lived before

Of other incarnations

and promises of yore.

And something in me woke then

and other things did break

And Satan must have seen this for

his blade began to shake

“Who are you”, he demanded

“At least no man at all”

I felt my eyes were glowing

“I’m your demise and fall”

And with those words I struck him

with newfound skill and art

And though he tried to parry

I thrust and pierced his heart

The devil stared in shock and

I calmly met his gaze

Now finally remembering

I, too, once fell from grace

I never was a mortal,

a sentence it had been

To prove myself in human guise

in penance for my sin

And as the demon bled out

still pierced upon my blade

I saw all this and also knew

atonement had been made

A hand upon my shoulder

for I was not alone

“You’ve paid your debt, Grigori,

I’ve come to take you home.”

An angel stood before me

abask in heaven’s light

It was my brother Michael

come to put all things right

“You’ve lived just as a mortal

and paid a heavy price

But in so doing you have also

purged yourself from vice”

He took my hand and led me,

as one we walked away

And as dawn broke it was upon

a very different day

Where people ruled themselves just

as things had been before and

The seven deadly sins were but

ideas and nothing more

The Host      

The Man from Taured 7/12/17

He was a failed actor and author but as talk show host he was king so why he prisoner in the hotel didn’t these people own a T.V. He couldn’t wait till this was cleared up he would go home to his husband they would cuddle in the bed and laugh about it he thought As he turned on the T.V. and there he was interviewing the Japanese PM holy shit what was going on? The T.V. him asked the hotel him “Aren’t you coming to ask the questions” the T.V. grew a mouth and unhinged it like a snake. The T.V. opened its mouth and swallowed him whole as he screamed

“You drifted off you were asking” The PM

“Sorry yes, yes, I was”

The Mothman Prophecy 7/26/17

He had almost lost control of his bladder when the creature with red glowing eyes approached them from out the woods He reached over in futile attempt to restart the car as it came to his door and opened it. It stared at him with those deep Fathomless red eyes. He tried to get away while his wife just sat there screaming. He froze as those eyes drew him inward Hypnotizing him and he saw a massive army advancing on Chicago they were dressed like the Iranian army but they were actually American soldiers in disguise under orders from a man too far gone the President himself to start a war He saw the bombing of churches, schools, skyscrapers. He watched the Sears Tower collapse. He saw any dead middle easterner being but in an Iranian soldiers garb. He watched the survivors being round up and executed by the Americans to keep it a secret. That was weeks ago and now he was in the ruins of Chicago being guided by the Mothman who flies over him at night He has a small group of survivors and after they snuck into a military camp while they slept he now has the plans of this Operation and with Mothman’s guidance the next stop Canada to dump this info on every major news outlet the world must know

One Last Phone Call 11/30/17

I come in carrying groceries when my cellphone on the table begins to vibrate and dance over the surface as it goes off

“Shit” I say as I drop the groceries and pick up my phone the caller id says unknown so I don’t usually pick up I flip open the lid (yes I have a flip phone) my ear is bombarded by static and a distant child’s giggle comes on the line


“Oh my God Rachel?!”

I almost drop the phone as my hand goes numb

“It’s me daddy.”

“Baby how just how when your mother had you were still born?”

Static explodes in my ear followed by a loud whining pitch. I pull the phone away and cry out. When I put the phone back I am greeted by another girlish giggle

“I looooove yoooouuu and mommy!”

“I…I love you to baby girl!” I try not to cry and this is met by more giggles.

“I have to go now daddy”

“Go! No! No! Don’t you go again!”

“The man in white says I have to”

“You put that man on the phone you tell that man I said NO!”

“Bye daddy.”

The line goes dead in my hands. The dam breaks as the weight of emotions sinks me to my knees. I cry out in long gasping sobs begging the phone to ring the phone does not ring again. Though tear filled eyes I can see the battery is dead and no matter how much I charge the phone after this it never turns back on


The Wendigo 3/01/18

He was so fucking hungry it hurt. His stomach screamed as they all huddle together near the small fire for warmth. He only ate a little of Paul’s flesh but what was he suppose to do starve. No one saw him. No one looked. Fuck why did he do this to himself. Shit and when that gust of wind slammed into him his whole body felt like it had been slammed into a brick wall. He felt his stomach caving in as they huddled together for warmth his good smelling friends He salivated at their glorious smell as his stomach growled loudly. Christ help me as he felt his teeth grow longer in his mouth. He could feel himself being stretched it was a horrifying yet wonderful feeling. He felt every bone in his body get longer. One of his friend claimed how hungry they were. He knew. He knew and in a moment he wouldn’t be hungry much longer. Would he?




Werewolves 4/12/18

What do I know about werewolves plenty. They killed my family. They are a bunch of mindless savage beasts. I am closing in on the one who is responsible for it. I been stalking this bastard for what feels like forever The Manor house where I have recently taken up residence isn’t too far from the clearing I find myself by in the nights chill. My breath comes out in white bellows of smoke. That jack ass in the three piece suit calls himself the Host tried to stop me from going out. Who the fuck does that guy think he is with his goddamn academy award smile. He tells me what I hunt is a loup-garou a person cursed by witches. Smug son of a bitch I like to knock his teeth in. My grip tightens on my gun. The silver bullet itching to be released in the beasts hide. I read that a silver tipped bullet would spare the man only killing the beast but he gets no such luxury. He get no such quarter. The ground mist plays with my imagination as I watch the deer graze in the clearing. I see my wife and kids rise up in their mangled and bloody form. How I found them. They stand and judge me for my failing. I will avenge them. So close to its food source the excitement of the kill pumps my heart and I draw in my breath to steady myself. The Host’s final words to me as I stormed out the door. Don’t put your ear next to a rabbit whole least you be vexed   What the fuck does that mean I yelled. And he calmly tells me that if I go looking for it I may not like what I find. He doesn’t understand my family is dead and I wasn’t there to protect them. I failed them. I will kill the beast who ripped them apart I sight my gun on the deer and wait. A beautiful shaft of perfect moon light cuts through the trees near me. It’s almost hypnotic I can’t take my eyes from it. I tear myself away. Too many moonlit nights I tell myself. After I kill the beast I will go and kill that fagget Host. I don’t realize it but I have walked over to the shaft of moonlight. My hand so eager to touch it to know this is what brings the monster to me like an old friend or lover Part of me wants to be in it so badly I don’t understand why. My hand reaches out to touch the moonlight. My heart stops as I watch what happens next. In the shaft my nails blacken and begin to grow long as do my fingers. I can feel the bones shift in my hand Dark thick patches of hair begin to sprout out as I panic and pray God no please dear God no! As the dawning realization sinks in that was the monster I been hunting the whole time. I place the gun in my mouth and pull

The Afterlife 4/26/18

The horror he felt was palpable as he stared out at the vast myclopian cityscape. Where were the Angel’s and saints he had promised since boyhood? Was this even heaven. Huge monster gazed down at the pale humans and their labors

Lesser monsters taking instructions from the larger whipped and beat the humans into submission

Oh how they howl and laughed. The Afterlife sounded more like the asylum of the damned. He jumped and screamed as a bony hand rested on his shoulder He turned to face a decrepit old man. The pasty white skin and sunken eyes gave him an ethereal quality. The smile on his face spoke volumes of insanity.

“Can’t figure out what’s going on, huh? Huh? Huh?”

A head shake was all he could manage

“They are the great old ones as spoken of by Lovecraft. No heaven. No hell. Just build their temples and get eaten as sacrifice to their splendor. And wake up to do it all again until he awakens.”

“Who awakens?”

He threw back his head and let loose a volley of high pitched laughter.


Who?” He wiped fresh tears from his eyes.

“Why the greatest one and king of them all Cthulhu.”

The ground shook upon the mention of his name.

“Let me go this isn’t supposed to be the afterlife. I don’t belong here I don’t believe in any of this.”

“No son there is only this.”

Then the old man morphed into one of the lesser beast as his hand became a pincer it crushed down on my shoulder. The jailer led him down the hill to the myclopian city and to his eternity

Lily’s in the Moonlight

To begin Frederick Lynn had gone mad, quite mad and he was quite sure of it. And this madness consumed him wholly.
“He was doing the world a favor.” He would say at his subsequent trial and hearing.
He would be deemed noncompos mentis and spend the rest of his days in a mental health facility somewhere in upstate New York.
“Why the man in the moon approved of my ideas.” Would be another statement he made to the judge.
There would be twenty-six victims in all. Twenty-five women and one poor confused transgender, not to say the transgender was confused but Freddy was confused. After he killed him/her, he finished the job by castrating him/her.


He crept up the stairs to her room.  He knew which one it was the one at the end of the hall.  He carried the vase carefully so not to spill the water.  White lilies are her favorite.
He entered the room and placed the vase on her vanity.  The three mirror setup surrounded by lights, something that belonged in a theater dressing room, rather than a college student’s dorm room. She was a little vane his beloved Yvonne; that treacherous, murderous bitch.
He didn’t need to leave a card she, the whore of Babylon, would know who it was left.  He slipped into her closet so he could view her through the wood slats of the door.
The closet was blessedly dark; he found time to gather his racing thoughts.  The last couple of days were blank spots in his mind.  He couldn’t remember the last time he had slept.  Yvonne had a late class perhaps it was a good time to close his eyes and rest. He lay down on the closet floor facing the door.
As he lay there, he could hear her last words to him playing on repeat in his head those horrible words that destroyed his heart, soul, and mind.
“I already had the abortion, Freddy! Do you hear me? I couldn’t imagine saddled with your child or you for the rest of my life.”
Yvonne told him before slapping him and walking out of his life, until now.  He sat upright in the closet now.  No more closing his eyes, but that didn’t stop the images as they played out in the darkness like a movie.
He would sit in his room up all night unable to sleep.  He would find himself crying; he did his best to muffle his sobs so his mother, the fat insensitive bitch, couldn’t hear his heart or mind breaking.  The room filled with the baby item that he was going to put together to welcome the next generation of Lynn men or women into the world.
When the newly found insomnia got terrible he would watch the naughty videos he and Yvonne had made and got off to those after he would only cry harder feeling disgusted with himself.
Then his late nights turned into plans for revenge on her.  The drawings were crude at best done with crayons he bought for ninety-nine cents.  The idea was to find her, beat her and that dumb jock he caught her with, within inches of their lives. He was going to make sure that jock could never play another sport again and that she would not bear children for anyone.
He would show these crude insane drawings to the moonbeams that fell through his windows on those late nights.  Then one night it happened, he spoke to Freddy, the man in the moon, his patron.
His voice came off the beams of light as soft and smooth as gossamer silk.  Freddy thought it was his imagination at first as he held up his latest crude plan to beat the two of them up.
“You can do more Freddy.” The man in the moon said.
“I…I…I can?” Freddy asked the beams.
“Oh, yes, Freddy you can silence her forever.” The man in the moon said.
He was confused he got down on his hands and knees and crawled to the moonbeams.  He tried touching them, but they moved away from his hands.  He knelt there looking out the window.  The heavy bags under his eyes and the slacked mouth gave Freddy the appearance of a child who has stayed up past his bedtime.
“Kill her Freddy.” The man in the moon now commanded.
Freddy felt a sense of exhalation run through him at these last words.  He was so excited he found that he had a boner in his boxer shorts.
“Yeah ok,” Freddy told the receding moonbeams.
“I will be with you tomorrow we can work out your grand plan, you have my approval.” The man in the moon said.
Freddy began to laugh, he didn’t know why it wasn’t funny, but it was funny at the same time.  The tears followed soon after and he found himself playing with his hard-on as he laughed and cried.  He masturbated so hard he began to bleed, which caused more laughter and caused him to keep masturbating.
The next night the man in the moon came to him. The moonbeams in his room began to swirl around and there he was like boom now you see me.  He was tall and well dressed as if he was some English lord from the 1800s with a top hat and all his clothing, skin and hair were a silvery white. Freddy’s mouth dropped open as his breath caught in his throat.  He wore a pair of golden sunglasses with black lenses.  He pulled them down to reveal his bottomless yellow eyes.
He flashed a winning smile at Freddy who barely noticed.  All Freddy could do was look into those yellow eyes.  He felt hypnotized by them pulled into them.  He wasn’t gay or anything, but the hard-on came back just looking into his eyes.
“Hello, Freddy I am Mister Moon.” Mr. Moon said.
Freddy simply whimpered.  Mr. Moon laughed and clasped Freddy on the shoulder.  The feeling of exaltation ran through Freddy as if he had been chosen by a god to do his work.  He guided Freddy to his desk and sat him down.  Mr. Moon picked up the crayon placed it in his hand and closed Freddy’s fingers around it.
“Shall we begin the plans for your great works Freddy my boy?” Mr. Moon asked.
Freddy nodded his head and let out a whimper.
“That’s the spirit.  I knew you were a go-getter, Freddy.” Mr. Moon said sounding enthusiastic.
Freddy began to draw under Mr. Moon’s instructions.  Freddy’s whole body trembled as he drew up Mr. Moon’s plans to kill, treacherous, murderous Yvonne. Then finally Freddy yelled.
Mr. Moon laughed.  He slowly shook his head and began to rub Freddy’s shoulders.
“No, no my dear boy this is your plan think of me as your patron as a supporter of the arts I support your art right here and now.  I am your facilitator, Freddy and I will never steer you wrong.” Mr. Moon said.
Freddy nodded his head in complete agreement with whatever Mr. Moon had to say as he finished up his plans. When he finished, Mr. Moon gave it his approval.  The next morning
Freddy Lynn was no longer connected to reality as he went down to the breakfast table plans in hand to show his mother.
“Dear God, Freddy, you have to stop thinking about that girl she is gutter trash,” Freddy’s mom said as she poured through his plans, “I am calling the doctors Freddy you need help.”
She got up and started to the phone.  Freddy just sat there smiling at her then Mr. Moon spoke up inside his head, screamed actually.
“Kill her Freddy! Kill the fat bitch before she ruins everything!”
His mother was now rotting away in the basement wrapped in a white bed sheet.  Freddy wiped the images from his sight.  He wasn’t sure what day it was anymore.  Freddy was in a panic.  He didn’t remember why he was in the closet.  He tried to get up to run out of the closet and the house. A silvery-white hand grabbed his shoulder, restraining him. Freddy looked up into the bottomless yellow eyes of Mr. Moon.
“What day is it? Where are we? What is going on? What are we doing?” Freddy asked in rapid panicked succession.
“Shhh, calm yourself Freddy my boy it’s only the day after we…I mean you made your plans.  An artistic stroke of genius.” Mr. Moon said.
Freddy felt automatically at ease just listening to him and gazing into his yellow eyes.  Freddy licked his lips a couple of time as he began to exhale and relax.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah the day after of course.  Thank you, Mr. Moon.” Freddy said.
“Not a problem.  Not a problem at all.” Mr. Moon soothed.
Then one of the bed sheets in the closet fell to the floor.  It took the shape of the mother lying on the floor like in the basement then it sat up.  A red stain appeared covering the top of the sheet where her head was where Freddy had bashed her skull in.  Freddy gasped and tried to get away, but Mr. Moon’s hand held him fast.
“Freddy.” The sheet mom called out.
“No! You’re. You’re dead!” Freddy cried out pointing an accusatory finger.
“Oh, Freddy why?” Sheet mom asked on the verge of tears.
Freddy looked to Mr. Moon for guidance.  Mr. Moon’s face was impassive, void of any emotion but his eyes burned with what could best describe as rage towards sheet mom.  Mr. Moon looked down at Freddy and shook his head.
“She’s not real Freddy unlike me.  She’s dead like you said so in the basement remember.  You don’t have to listen to her.” Mr. Moon growled this at Freddy.
Freddy for the first time felt fear and confusion course through his mind and body.  He just kept staring at the two of them he wasn’t sure now if this was real or all in his head.  Was he crazy?
“Freddy, Yvonne is dead.  You killed her months ago.  The girl out there is not Yvonne.” Sheet Mom pleaded.
“What?” Freddy asked.
“No!” Mr. Moon hissed, “No Freddy, No! That is Yvonne out there I swear it is!  This will be your masterpiece to all those women who do men wrong.”
“Freddy!  Don’t listen to him, please baby, please I am your mother.” Sheet Mom sobbed.
“I…I… can’t remember!” Freddy cried breaking into a nervous sweat.
“No Freddy you remember Yvonne out there the plan, Freddy, the plan.” Mr. Moon growled.
“Yeah the plan, Yvonne out there,” Freddy repeated robotically.
“Freddy, Yvonne is dead!” Sheet Mom begged.
“She’s lying to you, Freddy!” Mr. Moon roared.
The door to the room opened, and everyone in the closet shut up. Treacherous, murderous villainous Yvonne walked into the room.  She is a slender thing as she drops her gym bag onto her bed Freddy couldn’t remember her looking so good or so thin.  She stops to admire the flowers from a distance and skip walks over to smell the lilies.  The moonlight comes in through the window.  She squeals with excitement. She rushes back over to her gym bag and pulls out her phone.  She dials and begins to talk.
“Oh my God Brittany.  Guess what! Come on guess! Brad sent me flowers!” Yvonne says giggling.
In the closet, Freddy bears and grits his teeth.  He watches Yvonne, the slut, the whore, dance around in her t-shirt and gym shorts.  Talking rapidly on the phone to Brittany about Brad.
“Brad didn’t send you flowers you stupid bitch I did.” He growls under his breath.
“Freddy, Yvonne wasn’t Asian please listen to me.” Sheet Mom says.
“Lies! Freddy more Lies! You remember the put-downs, the insults, your whole life full of belittlement because of her.  The insensitivity or the cold indifference to your needs, Freddy.  She made your father leave!” Mr. Moon began.
Freddy covered his ears and began to whimper and pant.  The veins in his neck and on his forehead start to bulge as he fights with himself and the anger he feels towards Yvonne in her room.  He silently screams.
“Now you’re free Freddy, and I freed you.  She is dead, and you don’t have to listen to her anymore. Unlike your father, I will never leave you.” Mr. Moon concludes.
“You’re dead you stupid useless fat bitch now go back to the basement where you belong where I put you!” Freddy yells this aloud, and Yvonne in the room can hear him.
“But Freddy, please!” Sheet Mom whines and sinks into the floor.
“Go!” Freddy yells.
Freddy watches his mother sink into the floor, and at that moment it is always Tuesday after the plans made and Mr. Moon is still right.
“Oh my God Brittany I think there is someone in my closet,” Yvonne says in a whisper.
Freddy barrels through the closet door taking off one of the hinges.  He is screaming not precisely a word more like a vowel sound at the tops of his lungs.
The Asian Yvonne screams at the top of her lungs as Freddy tackles her to the bed.  Her phone with Brittany on it goes flying across the room and clatters on the floor.  Brittany will be the one to call 911 that would lead to his arrest.
She hit the bed it takes the wind out of her.  Freddy wraps his hands around her throat and begins to squeeze.  He feels the larynx start to crush.  As her face reddens she beings to claw at his arms but he is wearing a thick flannel shirt, and her nails cannot tear into his skin.
This was Yvonne he knew it. No, Yvonne was that fat black girl.  No, Yvonne was that guy in a woman’s dress in the bathroom.  This Yvonne’s eyes rolled up to the whites as she began to make gargling sounds as her desperate clawing began to weaken.  Yvonne was that punk rocker chick. The Mexican, the Mexican that was Yvonne. No this is Yvonne!  This is Yvonne! This is Yvonne!
It didn’t matter they were all Yvonne in the end, weren’t they?

The Purple Lady

As I have stated in a previous post on here I have seen paranormal things all my life. What I am about to tell you is actually the first paranormal experience in my life or at least the earliest I can recall.
I was two years old in 1985 in Chicago where I live now. I called her the purple lady because she was a being made out of a beautiful soft purple light.
She called herself Angela when we first met. I would wake up in the middle of the night in my room which I shared with my two brothers and she would be sitting barefoot in a full lotus pose at the end of my bed watching me. I never felt afraid of the purple lady. I actually enjoyed waking up top find her watching over me at night. She smiles and waves at me which caused me to smile back and I go back to sleep knowing she was there. She is the reason I never believed in monster or the boogie man growing up. I would learn about those dark things in my teen years.
The nights I would wake to see her she would be in my dreams. Yes, I can recall my dreams even from way back when don’t ask me how I just can. I would dream about being in my Aunt’s house in Skokie. We are the only two in the house in these dreams. Again I never felt afraid of her at any time these dreams felt natural to me. In these dreams, she would lose her purple glow and be a flesh and blood woman. She would wear a black sweater, black pants, and would be barefoot. Her raven colored hair would be up in a ponytail. She wore red lipstick and would kiss me on my cheeks and forehead.
Then she would tell me things. One of those things she told me has stuck with me more than anything over these long years. She said that certain people on the earth are actually the physical pieces of God’s body. That I was a piece of his heart. I am not sure how to feel about this message now that I am older.
Over the years as I got older like most people I stopped seeing her and things but I can always feel and sense them. Sometimes I get flash images of what those things are. I can still feel her some nights when I am restless watching over me as she always did and possibly always has.
I wonder am I the only one who has ever been visited by a purple light being like her before? I was listening to the youtube channel called Let’s Read and someone who had a near-death experience mentioned purple light beings so maybe I am not alone.


Somewhere across the multiverse Batman and the Green Hornet duke it out for ultimate supremacy. You watch in horror as the Green Hornet defeats a bloody and broken Batman.

You disapprove

This causes ripples through the multiverse which results in you dying in a freak accident. Your soul is forced to work at the returns desk at the Chicago Public Library for all eternity.

You disapprove

Your disapproval sends shockwaves through the multiverse causing several worlds to end abruptly. The Populace of these worlds go running and screaming as fat gigantic winged unicorns drop flamming marshmallows of death from above. There is no escape.

You disapprove

Your disapproval sends you to some dark room where a single eerie hanging light fixture is its only light source. You wonder out loud is this hell? A quiet child’s voice replies “Yes” and giggles

You disapprove

Your disapproval causes you to wake up in your bed. Only to find that you have been turned into a giant bug. You are the second cousin of Gregor Samsa.

You disapprove

Your disapproval allows you to escape your room. You find your family is nothing more than a handful of squirrels in overalls. They chitter at you madly.

You disapprove and head for the staircase

Each step and your disapproval causes a major city to explode in a nuclear holocaust. There are no survivors.

You disapprove

At the top of the stairs is a tiny room. Franz Kafka sits at a writing desk. You are his creation. You disapprove.

Kafka feels your disapproval and turns to you. He has black buttons for eyes. You disapprove and can’t look into the depthless maws of madness. He laughs maniacally as he begins to pen your end. You disapprove and bite his head off. Kafka is dead and you cease to exist.

You disapprove

Post it note saga

Post it note saga part one

Note: Don’t forget your lunch box at the office again.

*flips note*

Other side: You already have
Signed @SisterQuill


Post it note saga part two

Note: Fresh coffee in the microwave for you

*flips note*

Other side: I already drank it
Signed @AlexKLogan


Post it note saga part three

Note: *is blank*

*flips note*

Other side: *still blank*
Signed @ajuptonwrites


Post it note saga part four

Note: Thank you so much for taking the over night guard position

*flips note*

Other side: The velociraptors have killed the laser eye t-rex and are on the loose in the building I have taken all your bullets good luck signed, @OtterGoddessKel


Post it note saga part five

Note: All forms must be submitted in triplicate

*flips note*

Other side: Do it or I will steal your pants again. H.R.
Signed @cch217

*gasps and feels breeze*

Post it note saga part six

Note: It’s important to board up your doors and windows during the zombie apocalypse

*flips note*

Other side: I didn’t that’s why I am zombie now arggg arggg 4 itchy tasty signed @GrProject43X


Post it note saga part seven

Note: Welcome to the company

*flips note*

Other side: They should have never hired your or anyone else here I know all your secrets meet in back in an hour with a bottle of the good stuff and I will tell you all about it Signed @WillieHandler


Post it note saga part eight

Note: Have a great day at work

*flips note*

Other side: I am leaving you for Big Foot we meet at a Fake Prince Harry concert he loves and understands me and I am having his child
Sign @LexiIsAWriter


Post it note saga part nine

Note: Well hi there

*flips note*

Other side: Maybe you can meet me in the copy room and help me change the toner if you catch my drift
Signed @mystresscera76


Post it note saga part ten

Note: Nice new car you got there buddy

*flips note*

Other side: I don’t think you’re taking good care of it so I have taken it off your hands signed @don_lorah


Post it note saga part eleven

Note: Thanks for showing me the ropes

*flips note*

Other side: I have taken your identity and I am the new and better you I will waiting for you outside there can be only one signed @Dr_VanHorn


Post it note saga part twelve

Note: Congrats on the win at the bake sale

*flips note*

Other side: I am waiting for you in at the hall of mirrors where we first met got my .38 a bullet with your name on it we will settle this bread argument signed @john_cordial


Post it note saga part thirteen


Note: Welcome back and your fired

*flips note*

Other side: Seriously you didn’t file the proper papers with H.R. after your trip to Mexico, being shot in a hall of mirrors. And what happened to the copier toner signed @Madd_Fictional